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Kathryn Poole Revenant animation

Revenant is an animation consisting of 30 pointillist drawing stills.

Tuesday 19th April, Towards Preston, sunny, 16C, 9.24 bus.

Still charting the decay of the animals I found previously.

The duck is still there, slowly wearing away with the feathers gradually splaying and working themselves into the tarmac.

All the pigeons were gone, the only things remaining were piles of feathers.

The starling is still there, most of the iridescent feathers are now gone.

There was also I pigeon I couldn’t get to directly opposite Brooklyn park near the barrier.

Wednesday 20th April, Towards Preston, sunny, 15C, 8.18 bus.

Duck still there.

Nothing else recorded.

Thursday 21st April, Towards Preston, partly cloudy, 6C, 8.18 bus.

Duck still there.

Something white, flat and feathered. Opposite the start of Riverside caravan park.

Something completely unrecognisable. Near the location of the owl.

Friday 22nd April, Towards Preston, sunny, 12C, 8.18 bus.

Pigeon. The one recorded on Thursday by the caravan park, still on the road.

Duck still there.

Pheasant, flattened by Mere Brow roundabout.

Female pheasant by the bridge still there.


On central reservation 300 metres before ‘Dob Lane’. By the housing estate.

Friday 22nd April, Towards Southport, partly cloudy, 11C 17.15 bus.

Pheasant (male). Just after the bridge, near the sign for ‘Tarleton Hesketh Bank.’ Very close to the female pheasant which was still there.

Pigeon. By the ‘new statics for sale’ sign.

Monday 25th April, Towards Preston, partly cloudy, 11C, 8.18 bus.

Duck still there, currently monitoring this as it hasn’t been moved in over a month so I think it may stay there and decay.

Tuesday 26th April, Towards Preston, partly cloudy, 10C, 8.18 bus.

Duck still there.

Wednesday 27th April, Towards Preston, sunny, 10C, 8.18 bus.

Pheasant. Ralphs Wifes Lane, near the turn off for the big barn.

Duck still there.

Blackbird. On the pavement just before Dunscar garden centre.

Female pheasant still there.

Male pheasant before the bridge still there.

Pigeon. 300 metres before the other nurseries after the bridge.

Thursday 28th April, Towards Preston, rain, 7C, 8.18 bus.

Low visibility.

Duck still visible.

The blackbird is gone.

Female pheasant still visible.

Male pheasant by the bridge is still visible.

Friday 29th April, Towards Preston, rain, 9C, 8.18 bus.

Low visibility due to rain.

The duck is still there.

The female pheasant is still there.

Monday 2nd May, Towards Preston, scattered showers, 13C, 8.18 bus.

Bird. 100 metres before the duck, opposite riverside caravan park. Near the centre of the road.

Duck still on the road.

Can no longer see the blackbird.

Female pheasant still there.

Male pheasant still there, now largely flattened.

Tuesday 3rd May, Towards Preston, partly cloudy, 10C, 8.18 bus.

Bird under a tree at the small roundabout by the laundrette in Churchtown.

Bird on Ralphs Wifes Lane, there but bloodier.

Small black bird at the turn for Hoole Lane in Banks.

Duck still there. The wing feathers look to be mostly gone.

Pheasant 50 metres before ‘Mere Brow Gates’ sign. In the middle of the road.

Female pheasant still there.

Blackbird. 100 metres after the bridge. Almost exactly on the opposite side of the road from where I found the tawny owl.

Wednesday 4th May, Towards Preston, partly cloudy, 16C.

No finds recorded.

Thursday 5th May, Towards Preston, sunny, 16C, 9.26 bus.

Bird on Ralphs Wifes Lane still there.

Black coloured bird still there, on the pavement, flattened.

The duck now seems to be in a very bad condition although the wings would still lift occasionally with the breeze and so it is not fully laminated. 

Something flat, red (with blood) and flapping on the turn off for Blackgate lane.

The female pheasant was still there although its wings were in a different orientation. Perhaps it has been interfered with?

Pigeon on the central reservation near the housing estate is still there.

Friday 6th May, Towards Preston, overcast, 8C, 8.18 bus.

The bird on Ralphs Wifes Lane still there, becoming a smear.

Black bird on the corner still there.

The duck has lost even more feathers, it appears that the primaries are now mostly gone and the wings themselves are no longer moving with the gusts of passing cars.

Flattened pheasant opposite ‘Neptune’. 2 tails feathers distinct from the rest of the smear.

Very small mammal 300 metres before Hunters Lane.

Female pheasant still there.

Another male pheasant at the beginning of the bridge.

Black bird near the owl location still there.

I was unsure if the bird on the central reservation was in fact a pigeon or some other large grey bird but I got a clear look today as we stopped near it and it is definitely a pigeon.

Rabbit on the Walmer Bridge roundabout.

A smear on the road as we entered Penwortham.

Monday 9th May, Towards Preston, clear and sunny, 25C, 9.24 bus.

The black bird on the corner has now separated into four parts.

The duck is still there, most of the body is mixed with the mud and gravel of the road and there is only one intact wing left.

At 10.28 I reached the pheasant with two tail feathers separate from the body at 53.667,-2.898. It is near the central reservation and so difficult to document.

Found a pigeon badly mauled and missing its tail feathers at 53.667, -2.898 10.45. It was beginning to attract flies.

Goldfinch outside the Dunscar Garden centre driveway. 53.671, -2.846 at 11.59. Due to the accumulation of dirt and mud and the overall state of the feathers I believe it must have been there since Saturday, when there was heavy rain.

Heading back towards Southport on the opposite side of the road was a pheasant at 53.643, -2.973. Found at 12.52. The pheasant was near the pavement and looked to have been repeatedly crushed.

Not far from the pheasant at 53.643, -2.973 and 12.58 was a very small, laminated songbird. The body was indistinguishable from the tarmac but the wings were raised. I could see some yellow in the remaining down of the stomach and a bright blue on the cap of the head. I think it may have been a blue tit.

Another songbird at 53.674, -2.943, 13.04. I couldn’t make out any distinguishing colours but it had a long tail in comparison to its body.

Tuesday 10th May, Towards Preston, partly cloudy with rain, 15C, 8.18 bus.

All animals from the trip yesterday still accounted for apart from the goldfinch and the possible bluetit.

Pigeon 20 metres before the ‘part worn tires sign’.

Rabbit 10 metres after the ‘part worn tires sign’. Both near the central reservation. 

Wednesday 11th May, Towards Preston, overcast with showers, 12C, 9.56 bus.

Pheasant on Ralphs Wifes Lane is gone or not visible due to the puddles.

Only one part of the black bird on the corner now remains, I think it is the tail feathers.

The duck is still there.

A grey coloured bird opposite the kennels, looked about the size of a blackbird but hard to identify because of the rain.

Female pheasant before the bridge is gone.

Male pheasant on the bridge is gone.

The possible blackbird near the owl location is either gone or submerged in a puddle.

The original pigeon on the central reservation is still there.

A second pigeon has appeared 20 metres past the first one.

Something half in, half out of a drain on the Walmer Bridge roundabout, I could only see the back legs. Looked like a mammal. Big rat?

Pigeon on the pavement near the speed camera coming into Penwortham.

Thursday 12th May, Towards Preston, sunny, 16C, 8.18 bus.

Duck still there. 

The bird near the kennels is still there. 

The blackbird near the bridge is definitely gone.

Something with feathers outside ‘Altys Building Merchants’.

Both pigeons on the central reservation still there.

Small bird, freshly killed near the second pigeon. On the inside lane. Lots of red.

The animal in the grid looks more like a rabbit than a rat.

The pigeon near the speed camera in Penwortham is no longer there.

Friday 13th May, Towards Preston, sunny, 12C, 8.18 bus.

The duck is still there.

Bird 30 metres past the duck near the central reservation.

Bird opposite the kennels is still there.

The pheasant with the distinct tail feathers is still there.

Small bird freshly killed in front of the car wash.

I caught a glimpse of the goldfinch on the pavement.

Bird just before Blundell nurseries, on the road near the grass.

The first pigeon on the central reservation is still there but I cannot see the second or the other bird on the road near it.

The thing in the drain is still there.

The grass in Penwortham has been mown so maybe that is the reason the pigeon near the speed camera is no longer there.

Monday 16th May, Towards Preston, overcast, 9C, 8.18 bus.

The duck is still there, barely.

I could not see the other two birds near the kennels though.

The pheasant with the prominent tail feather is now just a white smear.

The bird outside the carwash is a slightly murkier smear.

Rabbit before Blackgate Lane.

The goldfinch is still there.

The dark bird outside Blundell nurseries is still there.

Rabbit 300 metres before the bridge. It looked like it was missing a head. Quite grisly.

Both pigeons on the central reservation and the smear nearby are still there, I must have missed the second one last time.

The legs are still hanging out of the drain. The weirdest thing I have seen on the road so far.

Tuesday 17th May, Towards Preston, sunny, 10C, 8.18 bus.

Duck still there.

The bird opposite the kennels is definitely gone.

The tail feathers on the pheasant smear are more obvious in the bright sun.

I can now see that the bird outside the car wash has red or ruddy feathers but I’m not entirely sure whether these are wing, body, or tail feathers. It looks too small to be a pheasant, possibly blackbird sized.

The smear on the corner of Blackgate lane is still there along with another on the opposite side of the road. 

A bird outside the first house after the Blackgate lane turn off. Directly underneath the hanging branches of a cherry tree. 

In the middle of the road, past Blundell nurseries either a rabbit or a hare.

A strip of something on the side of the road before the bridge, I couldn’t tell whether it had feathers or fur.

Both pigeons on the central reservation are still there. It’s interesting that from this distance they look as though they have been there barely a day. On that central strip of tarmac they’re away from most things that would disturb their corpses.

The weird legs are still there.

Wednesday 18th May, Towards Preston, heavy rain with low visibility, 11C, 8.18 bus.

The duck is still there. 

The pheasant with the distinctive tail feathers has been battered down with the rain. 

The smear outside the car wash is still there, any stray floaty feathers stuck to the Tarmac with the rain. 

The thing on the corner of Blackgate lane is a sodden pile of mush. 

I don’t think the goldfinch is there any more, it could have washed away as it was on grass and not stuck to the ground like the others. 

The bird outside Blundell nurseries is submerged in a puddle. 

Both pigeons on the central reservation are still there, wet but not bedraggled. 

The smear nearby wasn’t visible. 

The legs were still visible in the drain. It will be interesting to see how they are affected if the rain stays this heavy. 

Thursday 19th May, cloudy, 11C, 08.00.

Nothing recorded today.

Friday 20th May, Towards Preston, cloudy, 13C, 08.18 bus.

The is a puddle where the duck usually is. Hopefully it’s under that and hasn’t disappeared yet. 

The pheasant nearby is still there. Becoming a smear. 

The bird outside the car wash is now an unrecognisable lump. 

The bird outside Blundell nurseries is gone. 

I can’t see either of the two pigeons on the central reservation. They could possibly have washed away?

The legs in the drain have gone too. 

Nothing new spotted and most of the ones I have been monitoring have gone. 

Monday 23rd May, Towards Preston, sunny, 16C, 08.18 bus.

Mammal 100 metres after the 1st roundabout leaving Banks. 

The duck is still there but very hard to spot. 

The pheasant is still there. 

Something on the pavement before the car wash. I could not see the lump on the road outside it though. 

I can still see the goldfinch. It is so small that I have no idea what state it could be in. 

Something in the bus stop before the Gem UK intersection. 

Smear 50 metres after the bridge. White, brown and grey. 

A flattened hare just before the Chorley roundabout. 

Both pigeons on the central reservation are definitely gone. I was expecting them to stay there a while because they were so out of the way from any traffic or other animals but perhaps they were just taken by road servicing crews?

The legs down the drain are also gone. 

A very small bird upon entering Penwortham. 

Tuesday 24th May, sunny, 10C, 08.00.

None recorded today.

Wednesday 25th May, Towards Preston, mostly cloudy, 10C, 08.18 bus.

The mammal after the roundabout is still there. I think it is a small rabbit.

The duck is still there. It is more or less melded with the tarmac and debris of the road at this point.

The pheasant is thoroughly flattened at this point but its long tail feathers are still noticeable. 

I can’t see the goldfinch but it could still be there it is just very hard to pick out.

The something outside the car wash is still there. I still cannot make out what it is though.

Can’t make out the thing in the bus stop at the intersection.

The bird in Penwortham is no longer there.

Thursday 26th May, Towards Preston, overcast with rain, 11C, 11.13 car.

The duck is still there, it is very hard to make out.

The road is covered in mud from tractors which makes spotting even more difficult than usual in rain.

I can’t see the animal at the car wash but it could be obscured in mud.

I can see what could be a magpie on the pavement 100 metres before ‘White Lotus Yoga’. There are definitely feathers. Black with either white or muddy grey feathers.

Friday 27th May, Towards Preston, partly cloudy, 13C, 08.18 bus.

I can barely see the duck, I will have to make a trip to see how much remains.

I still can’t see the animal on the pavement outside the car wash so it was probably another casualty of the rain.

I think I saw the goldfinch. It is the same situation as the duck, I need to do a walking trip to see what exactly is left of the animals on the road.

A rabbit or hare in the bus stop 2 stops before the bridge. By the ‘Secret Spa’ sign.

Monday 30th May, partly cloudy, 13C, 08.00.

Nothing recorded today.

Tuesday 31st May, Towards Preston, 14C, partly cloudy, 08.18 bus.

Smear near the playing field in Churchtown.

A white smear opposite the caravan park.

The duck is still there, I can just make it out.

The pheasant is still there, although not very prominent.

Another smear opposite Neptune, not sure whether its a mammal or bird.

A white and brown smear outside the car wash.

Either a rabbit or a squirrel under a tree 50 metres before Hunters Lane.

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