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The Artful Line

I have recently been commissioned to create a piece of work for the Harris Museum and Art Gallery as part of an ongoing project with The Courtauld Gallery that celebrates Preston's shared heritage with Courtaulds textiles. My drawing was inspired by the site that the Courtauld's Factory sat on, which is now the Red Scar industrial estate and borders on the Red Scar woodland itself. I wanted to find a way to reflect the site as it currently is, and the wildlife that thrives on the edge of industry. The drawings created for the commission took over 60 hours to ink, and I produced 2 time lapse videos to go along with the commission that I will share when the exhibition opens.

The exhibition draws from the collections of the Harris and the Courtauld Gallery and will include works by Frank Auerbach, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Deanna Petherbridge along with 2 other commissioned contemporary artists Gavin Renshaw and Anita George.

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