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Kathryn Poole at Art Zoo

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

I was recently invited to take part in Art Zoo at the Harris Museum and Gallery. Art Zoo was created by Jane Elizabeth Bennett as a part of the Into A Better Shape program of events that ran in conjunction with Lubaina Himid's 'Hard Times' exhibition.

Art Zoo was an event created with the intention of disabusing myths about artistic practice that may be held by the public as well as allowing the artist inhabitants to create work for a day in a public art gallery. The zoo exhibits were Lubaina Himid, Tina Dempsey, Jack Woodward and Rob Mullander with Steph Cottle as the Zoo Keeper.

I was invited to be the resident printmaker/lithographer and so spent the day drawing out, processing and printing 2 small aluminium plates.

I am currently testing new ideas and a new project and so used the audience as a sounding board to develop my images. I have a series of photographs that I'm working on taken of my father during a recent hospital visit. The conversations with the audience solidified the concept of a series of beautiful portraits of my father removed from the context of his hospital gown.

Pointillism Portrait

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