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Drawing Category Winner - Jackson's Emerging Artist Prize

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Pointillist Bird, Pheasant Roadkill, Memorial Art
Death Throes

In December I won the Drawing Category of the Jackson's Emerging Artist prize with my drawing 'Death Throes'. I'm incredibly grateful to be chosen from amongst such an amazing shortlist.

My submission was a part of my Bypass Wildlife series and is a large pointillist drawing of a pheasant I found by the roadside. I was fascinated by the elegant pose of the animal in death and the contrast between the beauty of the animal and pose and the stillness and sadness of the scene.

As a part of the prize I will be interviewed by The Practical Creative podcast, hosted by Jeremiah Krage, and Thinking Through Drawing, an interdisciplinary research network.

I'll post more updates once I've had the interviews.

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